Friday I'm In Love

Friday I'm In Love

Friday 18th May
22:00 - 03:30

Event Details

'Ladies and Gentlemen, the weekend has landed..!'

Names on the event wall for FREE ENTRY before Eleven*, yes that is right, FREE ENTRY guestlist before 11:00pm, just post those names.

FIIL is an essential excursion for all those looking for a little less humdrum and a lot more kick-drum from their night out. We will be rocking Kuda until 4:00am on the regular - there is no other club night like FRIDAY, I'M IN LOVE.

Another mash-up of this quality, you will not find anywhere else.

Drink Offers:
4 x VK's £10.00
4 x Jung Bombs £10.00

Admission Information: 
£6.00 entry, £5.00